F*ck the Establishment

Woodstock 50 has come full circle to 1969. How does the saying go? If you don’t learn from history it will repeat itself.

The anniversary festival is being produced by the 1969 producer Michael Lang, and Woodstock Ventures. The group has promised that this years gathering would align itself with the values of the past. The values of one weekend of; peace, music, and unity. Lang himself has mentioned how times we are in today feel very similar to the activist movements of the 1960’s.

Then just like in 1969 when the original venue was taken away weeks before the show, the anniversary shows funding was dropped just weeks before the tickets were set to go on sale. News spread the show was canceled, but Michael Lang came out and insured that he learned so many lessons from the past, and he would still be producing this show with the funders or not.

Power to the People!

But wait…Tickets are still not for sale, bands are dropping out, and talks of permit issues are surfacing. Seems like an opportunity to really pay tribute to Woodstock 1969, look to the past for a lesson in how music can build unity and peace in times or darkness.

Make the show free, the bands perform for free and support the change the festival hopes to achieve. 2019 is not 1969 and permits and regulations come at a cost. We just cant help but dream of this anniversary show really being a tribute to 1969 and the Summer of Love.

Good luck Mr. Lang, call us if you need our help.

*Update 6/14/19

Woodstock 50 has officially lost the venue of Watkins Glen. Will someone step up and be our Max Yasgur?