A community events organization, that utilizes the power of music and other art forms to build a powerful community of people with cross cultural connections and a deep invest to meaningful change. Events will serve as a tool to expose social injustice and to spur community activism.

What We Do:

As it was with the Be-In's and Happenings in the 1960’s, where the spirit of community prevailed despite differences in opinions and views, we will invite companies and individuals alike to take part in restoring this movement rooted in unity, peace, and music.

We create immersive experiences and gatherings that bring community closer together, and use art and music to provide a safe space to feel a sense of peace and unity.

How We Do It:

Benefit Concerts: Shows produced at popular venues, with artist that aligns themselves with a cause. Purpose is to teach, give back, and take part in art. Provide a space for people to gather for art and music, while learning about how to make a difference in our community. Donations and fundraising encouraged at these events.

Be-In’s: A quickly organized but well executed event, serving as a landmark in grassroots activism. A beacon, calling for like-minded people to gather and build a better world.

Happenings/PM:  Pop up gathering of community members to participate and or learn about community engagement, philanthropy, and volunteer opportunities in their area.

Support Artistic Vision:  Our team is also working alongside artist and creatives to support  artistic vision. The Human Be-In provides production and logistical services to artist looking to make their projects and visions reality.

The mission of Human Be-In is in pursuit of the following principles:

  •  Together: Provide engaging community events to raise awareness and activism opportunities for change in areas of need and interest

  •  Giving: To increase volunteering and philanthropy among a certain demographic

  •  Encourage: Inspire our community to spark awareness on critical issues and to ignite change

  •  Collaborate: Create and build partnerships and relationships with our community

  •  Build: Inspire a new generation of people to get more involved in community-building

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“A gathering together of younger people aware of the planetary fate that we are all sitting in the middle of, imbued with new consciousness, and desiring of a new kind of society involving prayer, music, and spiritual life together rather than competition, acquisition, and war.”
— Allen Ginsberg - The Human Be-In 1967